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Please get in contact with Barbara Rogoski through the contact form for more information and to discuss your interest in this program. 

What is the Step Up - Speak Up Program?

A 6-month coaching and mentoring program:

where mid-level women in a corporate environment

can develop their interpersonal skills

with an expert speaker coach and mentor behind them

to improve their chances for career advancement.

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Who is This Step Up - Speak Up Corporate Program For?

The management of organizations who want to support the success, career advancement, retention and well-being of their women (D&I objectives, leadership development, internal women’s network)

For women in these organizations to learn, practice and improve their communication skills toward personal development, promotion opportunities and career advancement , public speaking and networking with like-minded inspirational women.

picture Why is it Needed? picture Why is it Needed?

Why is it Needed?

There are several important gaps that exist in corporate environments with regard to the promotion of women.

  • Leadership Gap – Less women in leadership roles 
  • Promotion Gap – Glass Ceiling/Broken Rung –first promotion to management
  • Employment Gap – Not enough women employed in technology
  • Visibility Gap – Women underrepresented in panel discussions and at conferences

Why THIS Program?

This coaching and mentoring program focuses on FILLING the gaps

Barbara Rogoski is a former global account manager for a pharmaceutical company, an experienced executive speaker coach, TEDx Amsterdam Women speaker coach and women's empowerment mentor.

LEADERSHIP GAP - Bring more women and women of color into leadership roles

PROMOTION GAP - Increase the skills and confidence of women to enable them to fast track for promotion

EMPLOYMENT GAP - Increase loyalty, retention and recruitment

VISIBILITY GAP - Increase the number of articulate women on expert panels and as speakers

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The Goals of the Program

  • To COACH mid-level women to communicate confidently and show their executive presence in all workplace situations
  • To ENCOURAGE more women to go for positions that are out of their comfort zones and go for promotions to reach the next career level.
  • To INSPIRE women to believe in themselves and that they deserve success and share stories of courage from women all over the world
  • To EMPOWER them to find their seats at the table, speak up there and be heard!
  • To SHARE victories and challenges with other women in the community forum to lift each other up and be inspired to never give up.

What is Included?

  • LEARNING – A monthly 1:1 session that is a combination of mentoring and learning about relevant topics to expand your knowledge
  • COACHING – 4 one hour 1:1 coaching sessions with Barbara 
  • ACCOUNTABILITY - Welcome call with Barbara to set goals and objectives, an exit call at the end of the program to review if these goals were achieved with regular review and 1:1 contact over the 30 days. 

Time investment +/- 4 hours per month with homework!

Expected Outcomes

Outcomes for Organizations/Sponsors

  • A larger pool of suitable candidates for promotion to leadership roles
  • Greater loyalty and retention of female talent
  • More favorable recruitment perception of the company
  • More balance on panel discussions and expert speakers

Outcomes for Members +/- 4 hours per month

  • Can craft a strong pitch or speech every time she presents
  • Can develop her own executive presence and confidence
  • Can handle challenging interactions and discussions effectively
  • Open to apply for a challenging promotion or new position
  • More likely to volunteer to sit on expert panels or do presentations for the company
  • Be more visible and feel more inner self confidence in her abilities and her value

Barbara is Your Expert Communication Coach

Barbara is an American executive speaker coach, pitch coach, senior TEDx speaker coach, professional speaker and author based in The Netherlands. Through her company Successful Speaker Now, Barbara coaches male and female speakers to tell their stories with impact and influence.

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Be Part of our Community

Come be part of this inspiring and empowering program where we help women in corporate environments to gain more confidence, improve their interpersonal skills and advance their careers into leadership.