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foto van Corinne Vigreux

Corinne Vigreux


“I do alot of public speaking as CEO and Co-Founder of TomTom. But the TEDx talk was different. I wanted to be really well prepared. Barbara came in and brought the right amount of guidance and pulled out the stories, phrases and a bit of structure I needed to make a memorable script and also taught me a few new things about my own delivery style which I didn't expect. Barbara is professional, passionate, supportive and a very talented speaker coach.”

picture of Beate

Beate Zwijnenberg

Chief Inform.Security Officer
ING Bank

As Global Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) I have to present often to many different stakeholders, and I usually stick to my tried and true methods when it comes to my field of expertise fraud and cybersecurity. However I recently had to give a virtual presentation to my entire team about our strategic initiatives, what was accomplished and what to achieve going forward and I wished to bring this in a fresh and new way. To this end I worked with Barbara to build an engaging and inspirational speech and she was able to guide me to think about my message in a different way and how to formulate it, keeping in mind I would be presenting virtually which brings its own challenges. It was a very useful experience and I will certainly be able to implement many of her suggestions in future presentations. I am happy to recommend Barbara as a virtual presentation coach and would definitely work with her in the future should the need arise.

foto van Marian Spier

Marian Spier

TEDx Amsterdam Women

“Barbara is a great supporter of women's issues. For four years she has coached and empowered Female CEO's, startups, visionaries, entertainers and professors to reach their full potential at giving a TEDtalk. Not only were they able to give a stellar TEDtalk, they continued to do so afterward. I am very grateful to have Barbara Rogoski as a great supporter and TEDtalk coach at TEDxAmsterdamWomen.”

picture of Omena

Omena Ukeleghe

Founder, Creative Jam Session
Diversity and Inclusion Lead, Deloitte

Barbara is an excellent coach and tailors her approach according to the individual. Her overall partnering skills are excellent, identifies touch points throughout the sessions to ensure alignment and focus on skill improvement. I am a fast person and I speak fast and, with the training, I learned to speak slowly and to communicate well when presenting. I had learned how to stress and where to pause while speaking. Thank you very much for helping me! 

picture of Anouk

Anouk Visser

“I never really presented on a prestigious stage like the TEDx Ams Women Startup Awards event. I am the Chief Technology Officer and enjoy giving demos and pitches at smaller events, but taking the TEDx stage can be intimidating. Luckily, Barbara stepped in to help me prepare for this experience by increasing my confidence. She worked very hard with me on the content and taught me many things about how to be a strong female presenter and even video recorded me in the last session for our review. I didn't win the competition, although I feel I have already won because I had Barbara as my speaker coach.”

Anouk Visser - TEDx Amsterdam Women Startup Award 2016 Finalist

picture of Hannah

Hannah Beresford

Corporate Affairs Analyst
Liberty Global

Barbara's coaching is thorough, inspiring and practical. Her approach is dynamic and interesting. In her sessions for WICT Europe, Barbara coached a wide range of people at different stages of their careers. She managed to balance these differences and provide sessions that were useful for every person, with key takeaways that everyone could build into their career development. The sessions were extremely engaging. I was delighted with Barbara's coaching and I would highly recommend her services.

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