We Need More Women in Leadership Roles

There are not enough executive women leaders in top positions or experts on stages. The gender inquality gap is still significant in most countries.

Recent studies and articles show that there are not enough women in leadership positions around the world, in IT/STEM management, pitching their ideas for investors or simply daring to take the stage. For African, Asian and Latina women the percentages are even lower.

One reason for this low representation is lack of self-confidence - to speak in public, to go for that promotion, to pitch her ideas, to tell her story. In order to find this courage, a businesswoman must learn how to present with conviction, how to deliver the message with impact, and how to speak about herself as the hero of her own journey. It takes confidence to make the right decisions and investments and sadly, businesswomen often simply lack the confidence to take the risks and make the decision that their male counterparts do confidently.

Raising women’s labour force participation to that of men can boost GDP. Reducing gender gaps in employment, as well as in education, can help economies diversify and stimulate growth.

According to the Harvard Business Review, "A clear majority of the female executives surveyed cite numerous barriers: exclusion from informal networks, stereotyping, lack of mentoring, shortage of role models, committment to personal or family responsibilities, lack of accountability on the part of senior leaders and limited opportunities for visiblity."

We believe there are several shifts taking place for women to be seen and recognized, but there is a need for coaching and mentoring women in the workplace to realize their potential and act on it. It is about daring to go for what they they want and having the communication tools to achieve their career goals on every level.

A Coaching & Mentoring Program Like No Other

Step Up - Speak Up Corporate  is a communication training program for businesswomen around the world to learn about and develop their own EXECUTIVE PRESENCE. You will improve your communication skills, to engage with other like minded women and DARE to go for what you want.

A Unique Empowerment Program to Make A Difference

Step Up Speak Up is designed to empower professional women to have more confidence in themselves and their ability to speak up, tell their stories and make a difference.



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