What is a Cheerleader in Business?

A cheerleader in business is a coach or mentor who stands behind you and gives you confidence that you can achieve anything you put your mind to.  It is a coach who is not always about methods and formulas, but genuinely interested in you on a "heart level" to help you in challenging moments in your career, to celebrate your victories and to advance your career.

Mentors in the workplace offer guidance to navigate the company culture and politics and sponsors tell others in authority how great you are. But cheerleaders remind you of your worth with empathy, understanding and wanting you to not just succeed - but shine who you are to the world!

In order for women to be successful in business, they and their work need to be recognized. You can't just sit back and say, "My achievements with speak for themselves - they will just SEE how good I am and then they will promote me." That is not true in business today.

That is where a cheerleader helps and that is part of Barbara's DNA!

She is passionate about inspiring and empowering women to reach for what they want and can achieve if they have the courage to Step Up and Speak Up! Through all her TEDx speaker coaching and business coaching - this is the core of what Barbara brings to the relationship. 

These characters of Jules and Gaby are also meant to be symbolic cheerleaders for you!  Barbara created them with a twinkle in their eyes, arms up strong to show resilience and courage to reach your goals in your career and in life.  

two female tech characters

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+31 623 898 717

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 +31 623 898 717

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